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  • Ameiko Kaijitsu

    Ameiko Kaijitsu is the proprietor of The Rusty Dragon, the most popular tavern in town. A member of the town’s small aristocracy, she is the eldest daughter of Lonjiku Kaijitsu who runs the town's Glassworks.

  • Kendra Deverin

    Kendra Deverin has served as Sandpoint’s mayor for several years. Lawmaker, judge, and general peacemaker, she has proven to be both an adept diplomat and stern hand when need be, both skills honed during her youth in Magnimar. With a personal—some say …

  • Belor Hemlock

    Belor Hemlock is the sheriff of Sandpoint. He replaced the previous sheriff, Casp Avertin, who was killed by serial killer Chopper in 4702 AR. Originally a member of the Shriikirri-Quah tribe of the Shoanti, Belor abandoned his heritage when he took on …

  • Abstalar Zantus

    When the Sandpoint chapel burnt to the ground in 4702 AR, killing the town’s priest, Ezakien Tobyn, his position in the town was filled by his top acolyte, Abstalar Zantus. Though Father Zantus is himself a cleric of Desna, his role as high-priest …

  • Brodert Quink

    Brodert is an eccentric researcher with a gnomish obsession of Thassilon. His niece shares his love of all things old and dusty.

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