GM Build Input

The following are GM notes for helping build your starting character. Character ideas can be found in the Campaign Trait wiki, including feats and skills recommendations.

Background Generation

  • We utilize a random background rolling generator to help you create your character background.
  • The rolls made are by no means meant to limit your creativity in making your character, but to help you flesh out their back story. If you rolled something that does not fit with your character idea, you may modify it or re-roll that part of your background.
  • When you are done, you should put the information together in a document and send to the GM. She will then work with you to flesh out the details and bonuses earned to align with the campaign.


  • Use the point buy system, 40 point spend.
  • First level hit points are max, with rolling each subsequent level, minimum half your max. For example, if you have a d8, the minimum you would gain is a 4 per level before including feats or Constitution bonuses.
  • Characters are being played as Gestalt, using the base rules from Unearthed Arcana. Refer to the Gestalt rules wiki for more information.

Hero Points

  • All characters will start with 1 hero point.
  • Players who submit their character backgrounds will start with a second hero point.
  • Characters gain 1 hero point per level.
  • Hero Points and their Usage is detailed in the Advanced Player’s Guide (APG)
  • Maximum number of hero points is 5. You have the Luck of Heroes feat for free. See (APG) for more information.

Feats and Traits

  • Feat progression is 1/level vs the 1/odd level to accommodate your gestalt abilities.
  • Teamwork Feats are awarded/chosen at 2nd, 6th, 10th, and 14th level. This reflects your party cohesiveness.
  • Campaign traits are in the Campaign Traits wiki. More traits can be found in the APG and various race supplements. Each character should have 1 campaign trait tying them to the adventure and 1 other trait from any source.

Skill Points

  • All characters gain +1 Knowledge Skill per level in addition to their normal skills.
  • All characters are considered to have their favored class in regards to earning the bonus Skill or Hit Point each level.

GM Build Input

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