The village of Ravenmoor was founded during the initial burst of Chelish colonialism that saw the birth of much larger cities like Magnimar, Korvosa, and Riddleport. Yet where those cities flourished, Ravenmoor never progressed far beyond its rural beginnings. The village is well off the main road that links Magnimar and Riddleport. An old, seldom-used track that winds along the west bank of the Lampblack River is the only real connection Ravenmoor has with the rest of civilized Varisia.

Situated just east of the Churlwood’s northernmost stretch, along the crooked run of the Lampblack River, Ravenmoor is an isolated settlement that sees few visitors. Named for the flocks of ravens that call the surrounding moors home, the village is small, with less than a dozen buildings serving as the town’s center, its businesses serving a population largely confined to outlying ramshackle farmhouses. The Lampblack’s dark, sooty floods provide fertile soil for the village’s crops, which include corn, turnips, broad beans, peas, and rye. Flayleaf is cultivated as well, although the villagers are quiet about the presence of this plant since the drug derived from its leaves is illegal in many nearby communities.

CN village
Corruption +2; Crime –2; Economy –3; Law –4; Lore –4; Society +1
Qualities insular, superstitious
Danger +0; Disadvantages cursed (blighted, –4 Economy), impoverished
Government formerly a secret syndicate (cult of Ghlaunder)
Population 132 (132 humans)
Notable NPCs
Viorec Korzha (CN male expert 2)
Base Value 250 gp; Purchase Limit 1,250 gp; Spellcasting 1st* Magic Items none

The village has for many years now been led to believe they worshiped the goddess Desna, when in actuality they were being tricked into the worship of the god Ghalunder. The PCs recent visit to their sleepy little town and their destruction of the cult of Ghalunder has opened up quite a bit of both unrest as well as difficulty in how to react. Magnimarian officials have promised to send clerics and officials soon, but it is uncertain if this will be enough to correct the damage of generations of superstition.


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