Beldar Glittereye

Halfling worshiper of Cayden Cailean


Beldar is a worshiper of Cayden Cailean and can usually be found in one of the inns and taverns in Sandpoint. He will be playing his Lute, showing off his glowing eyes and direction sense, drinking or telling tales of his life at sea in any of those establishments. When not in one of those places, he can usually be found at the new cathedral talking religion with the priest there or doing odd jobs around town. He is well known in town for having a short attention span so isn’t given any jobs that have a long duration, the only real exceptions to this is Scribe type work that he does for the local Sage or Bookseller and helping out Ilsoari at the orphanage. He is easy going and friendly and just likes to have fun. Some of this fun as ended him in jail but his friendship with the local sheriff has guaranteed that his trips there are short lived. Enjoys running everywhere in town and sometimes beyond.


Beldar Glittereye

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