Jaximinom Jinglebing

Gnome Bard and Oracle


Jax (or JJ or Bing) is a gnome of many faces – literally. He is more closely connected to the First World than most of his race, and his appearance (height, weight, hair, skin and eye color, etc.) fluctuates from day to day, so it can be hard to recognize him at first glance. Even his characteristic facial scar shifts enough to through you off, until you hear his voice and recognize the gleam of mischief in his eye. Once you do, it is the same old Jax – on the hunt for mystery, excitement, and adventure!

Jax is a bard, and loves a great song or story. He can sit for hours and listen to new tales of adventure and discovery. He also weaves a good tale, and sings an even better one! So if you are interested, just buy him a drink, sit back and relax – you are in for a long night.

In addition to songs and stories, Jax is a history buff. He is fascinated with the mysteries of the old world, and seeks out knowledge of ancient civilizations whenever possible. Currently, the past of Varisia is his obsession, particularly the Thassilonian Empire and her long-lost secrets.

Like all gnomes, he is a bit of a tinker as well. He likes to work on all kinds of projects, both mundane and arcane, large and small, from massive building construction projects down to tinkering with hand weapons. He has an old crossbow that he has been working on for some time. It doesn’t seem to actually function as of yet, but someday you are sure it will be a weapon to reckon with!


Jaximinom Jinglebing

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